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Be Everywhere - 7 Smart Multi-Channel Marketing Tips

Be Everywhere – 7 Smart Multi-Channel Marketing Tips

Multi-channel marketing sounds daunting and official, doesn’t it? It’s something you’d hear bandied about in a stuffy boardroom, or in a business school classroom. Lots of small business owners’ eyes glaze over at terminology like this and instead like to think of themselves as a bit more guerilla with their marketing tactics. Or they make ... Read More >>

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Helpful Marketing Works #464

You need to be nice to your customers and your potential customers. It is called helpful marketing and it’s cool that, it’s not really a well-known term but it’s the easiest way to describe it.Read More >>

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Should You Create Leads or Sales? #469

This is one of the important concepts of it. Leads or Customers? Now let me explain, just in case. A lead is a potential customer who has given you permission to market to them, who could become a customer.Read More >>

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Why You Need to Hire an Accountant #647

At some point in time you started your business and now things are starting to grow and you find yourself short on time for things. That is where an accountant can help you and that is what we are diving into today.Read More >>