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Be Everywhere – 7 Smart Multi-Channel Marketing Tips

Multi-channel marketing sounds daunting and official, doesn’t it? It’s something you’d hear bandied about in a stuffy boardroom, or in a business school classroom. Lots of small business owners’ eyes glaze over at terminology like this and instead like to think of themselves as a bit more guerilla with their marketing tactics. Or they make ... Read More >>

Helpful Marketing Works #464

You need to be nice to your customers and your potential customers. It is called helpful marketing and it’s cool that, it’s not really a well-known term but it’s the easiest way to describe it.Read More >>

Should You Create Leads or Sales? #469

This is one of the important concepts of it. Leads or Customers? Now let me explain, just in case. A lead is a potential customer who has given you permission to market to them, who could become a customer.Read More >>

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