From: Jon Butt
Founder of Marketing for Owners

To: Anyone Who Wants To See A Steady Stream Of Leads And Sales Flowing Into Your Business Without Having To Constantly Beg People To Buy Your Products And Services, Increase Your Marketing And Ad Spend, Or Do Any Actual "Selling" At All!

Dear Friend,

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or anyone who provides services people pay for:

How would you like to finally get first-hand access to the complete process the most successful business owners and entrepreneurs use to create websites that are lead-generating, profit-pulling machines that work for YOU 24/7/365?

And how about never having to cold call, beg, or work yourself into the ground, trying everything you can to grow your business? Instead, you'll simply create a systemized website that will give you a predictable, profitable pipeline that keeps filling itself with your ideal clients who are begging to buy...

What you're about to learn in this letter will completely change your mind about what you thought about websites... and what the powerful digital world is capable of.

If you're a new business owner or entrepreneur who is just starting out:

How would you like to build a massive customer base as fast as possible... without blowing your budget on increased ad spend or hiring a pricy marketing agency?

What if you could experience the peace of mind and freedom that comes with knowing exactly where your next customers will come from... without feeling like you're always pushing people into your business or having to go out and do any stomach-turning selling yourself?

If this sounds like something you're interested in then I want you to know...

This is not only possible...

... This is how I run my business.

And today I'm going to show you how you can do it yourself. But before I do that, you need to know the TRUTH about your business...

  • Eric Shannon -
    Jon is excellent at diagnosing problems and coming up with easy to implement solutions. Your problems could be related to your website design, marketing, or business processes, Jon can help fix it. I’ve known Jon since 2006 and have always looked forward to spending time with him because he always makes my business better
    Eric Shannon -

There's A Reason You're Frustrated, Exhausted, And Still Searching For That Highly Sought After Stream Of Steady Leads Who Are Begging To Buy...

Prospecting is hard work.

Always putting yourself "out there," talking to new people, and constantly trying to set yourself apart from the competition takes a toll.

And no matter how hard you try... no matter how good your product really is... somebody is always going to say "no." All the pressure of selling, the fear of rejection, the hours of trying to come up with a new strategy that will actually work is completely draining.

Trust me, I've been there, done that. I used to sell fire extinguishers door to door on commission – and it was awful!

If running your business and getting new customers feels like swimming upstream, it's probably because...

... you don't know how to use your website like successful people do to generate leads and sales automatically.

  • Claire Williams -
    There are many internet marketing gurus out there, but few have made their money *outside* the internet marketing niche. Jon is the real deal in that he has built a hugely successful online business from scratch, 'Fire Protection Online Ltd'. His down to earth, practical advice is based on his real-life experience, and his genuine desire to help people means that you're in very good hands.
    Claire Williams -

Who Am I To Be Saying This?

jon-head-linkedin1Hi. My name is Jon Butt. After I got burnt out selling fire extinguishers and constantly feeling the pressure to get new customers and keep sales staff happy, I sold my company for a seven-figure sum to Kidde.

But I enjoyed starting and building a business so I decided to start selling fire extinguishers again, but this new business would be online with a website.

After the first 12 months, I hit $1,002,000 in sales. And that number just kept rising.

The strange thing is, I wasn't doing any day-to-day marketing or selling at this time. I was just getting started, and frankly didn't have the time or any staff to do it.

But new customers just kept pouring into my business!

It wasn't any magical process. It just came down to the system I had developed, which all started with a website.

And right now I'm going to show you exactly how to create your own.

  • Carolynn Binnie -
    Jon showed me how to set up a website for my massage therapist business a few years ago and it has consistently brought in phone calls and clients ever since. Recently I updated it using the Website 101 Course. In one week, I had three new customers that earned me £300. I'm a work at home mum and can't even operate the TV remote control so, if I can do it, anyone can.
    Carolynn Binnie -

This Letter Is Your Invitation To Create Your Own Profit-Pulling Website That Generates A Steady Stream Of Leads On Demand

As a business owner or entrepreneur, it's likely that you've fallen VICTIM to the "one-size-fits-all" approach to website creation.

It goes a little like this:

You know that in order to reach more customers in our modern world, you need to launch a website.

You're on a tight budget, so you do some digging and discover that there are tons of low or no-cost platforms and services available to help business owners like you create a basic website.

You think, "This looks easy enough that anybody could do it..."

You follow the generic instructions, use the templates, and put up a simple site that explains your services and gives your contact information. You're online in no time and it hardly cost anything to do it.

The problem is...

Your website is so simple and generic that yes, anyone could have done it. It's boring.

It does nothing to engage potential customers who find their way to it. It just sits there, taking up space on the Internet while you continue to wonder why you're struggling to get leads.


Maybe you've fallen victim to marketing companies and web designers...

You just assume creating a website is far too difficult and time-consuming to do it yourself, so you hire someone else.

You pay a hefty sum upfront for them to create your website and optimize it so that it gets plenty of traffic.

Thing is...

Any time you decide you want to add a new product or update a page you have to pay them at least another 50 bucks to do it for you.

Or maybe, they just put up a lovely, beautiful website that looks great but does NOTHING! Because they don’t know how to properly use a website to get sales and leads.

You're powerless, completely dependent on someone else for one of the most important components of every successful business.

You see, your website is much more than a digital brochure.

It is the HUB of your business. It's a workhorse that captures leads who will pay you month after month and year after year and/or sells your products and services 24/7 to a massive online market.

In other words: Your website is a GOLDMINE of new leads and cash profits... but only if you know how to use it.

  • I read Jon's book The Ultimate Marketing Tools for small business owners, it's full of excellent information. If you follow his advice you will never go wrong. I am on my track to success
    Nic Makanza -

Forget Everything You Ever "Thought" You Knew About Websites... Capturing Leads... And Getting New Business... Because You've NEVER Seen Anything Like This Before

You're about to discover how to go from a boring, purposeless, or even non-existent website to a powerful machine that generates leads and sales on demand.

But before you discover the exact process that will put you in control of this online machine, I want to tell you what this is NOT:

  • This is NOT another one-size-fits-all approach to building websites. You're not going to be creating a simple little site that just sits online and does nothing to pull in leads... and you're not just going to learn how to create a pretty page... You're going to be learning EVERYTHING you need to know to build a website from scratch that will capture visitors and turn them into leads. You're going to learn exactly how to create a website that will be the HUB of your business!
  • This is NOT some complicated process you have to be a computer guru to understand. Just because you're going to learn how to create a dynamic and powerful website that drives your business's automated lead generation system, doesn't mean it will be difficult. This program is specifically designed for complete beginners. Even if you have zero knowledge or technical skills, you'll be able to create a website that goes to work for you if you just follow along in this easy-to-understand training.
  • This is NOT your typical training program. A lot of programs can teach you "step by step" how to create a website. But none of them give you the click-by-click process to creating a website like this. Other programs stop at "Use this platform. Use this plugin. Use this hosting service." This will break down in depth how to actually implement all the pieces of the puzzle so there's no guesswork or confusion. You won't find this level of detail anywhere else!
Everything that you'll learn is so simple, yet effective, that if you can use Microsoft Word or send an email... you can set up and take ownership of your business website.
So, if you're ready to create and control a website that:
  • Captures online leads for you and turns them into more sales and profits... instead of leaving money on the table by letting leads slip through the cracks...
  • Allows you to rest easy and know where your next paying customers will be coming from by turning your slow trickle of leads into a steady stream of begging-to-buy customers...
  • Gives you more time to spend with your family and do what you do best by putting an end to countless hours of chasing down leads and marketing yourself...
  • Helps you turn your dream of operating a lucrative business that provides you with total time and financial freedom into a reality...

... Then you NEED to very seriously consider what I'm about to share with you.

Introducing: The Website 101 Course

The Only Training Course That Comes With ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING You Need To Know To Create A Powerful, Profit-Pulling Website

The Website 101 Course is a 35-part training course that gives you an in-depth, click-by-click look at how to create a website that will go to work for you 24/7/365.

This is by far the most detailed, comprehensive, and easiest program available that will teach you how to confidently build and take ownership of a website that is going to help you establish a predictable pipeline of new customers and sales.

I'm going to take you by the hand and literally show you click by click how to set up your website from A-Z. You'll get to look over my shoulder as I take you through each lesson narrating the process and showing you screenshots of each of the "clicks."

Even if you don't know the first thing about website creation and have ZERO technical skills, you'll easily be able to follow along with these simple training videos.

Plus, because this is NOT a one-size-fits-all approach, I've also included mp3s, video downloads, slide decks, and transcripts of everything so you can follow along with whatever way you learn best.

Here's A Glimpse Of What You'll Discover In This Ultimate Web-Building Course For Beginners:

  • Module 1: LET’S GET STARTED

    Welcome video plus your training course checklist

    An explanation of what’s to come in the course

    How best to use the course to make it as easy as can be

    All the advice you’ll need

  • Module 3: EMAIL SETUP

    3 videos, transcripts, slide decks, MP3s and videos

    How to set up your new email address

    How to use free Gmail as your SAFE email hub (some clever tricks)

    How to forward all of your emails to your new email Hub (saves you a ton of time)


    8 videos, transcripts, slide decks, MP3s and videos

    Select and set up the ideal email marketing provider

    The perfect lead generation plugin and how to set it up for success

    Install and setup Google Analytics - know everything about your website's results

  • Module 7: WHAT HAPPENS NOW?

    Final video plus the ultimate tools guide and a special report

    How to create perfect content for your new website and social media

    The free tools that the pros use to make all those expensive-looking images

    Lead capture and list building secrets to success


    4 videos, transcripts, slide decks, MP3s and videos

    How to buy a domain name (there’s a right way and a wrong way)

    How to select and buy the correct hosting - Wow, is this important!

    How to connect your domain name to your hosting (the easy way!)


    11 videos, transcripts, slide decks, MP3s and videos

    Wordpress setup and configured in just a few clicks (the easy method)

    SEO, Anti-spam, Backups, Security, RSS, Updates - all set-and-forget with plugins

    Creating your first past and formatting it to look great


    9 videos, transcripts, slide decks, MP3s and videos

    How to create a fabulous design without being a designer

    Logo, colours, fonts - who needs a web designer anymore?

    How to change the layout and content anytime… It’s easier than you think

You Get The Complete 35-Lesson Course With Click-By-Click Video Instruction Right Now For Just:


And yes, you will get full access to the course immediately after your payment.

A small price to pay...

Especially when you consider this:

Most marketing agencies will charge you AT LEAST that much just to set up a basic website – that's before they ever show you how to set up your website to capture the email addresses of your ideal leads and convert them into high-paying customers who keep coming back begging to buy...

Not to mention...

They'll have control over your website. Not you. That means you'll be shelling out more cash anytime you want to update something, add a page or keep it secure from hackers.

Instead, you could make a one-time investment in this website creation course and get absolutely EVERYTHING you could possible need to know about creating a website that establishes your professional online presence, captures leads, and continuously helps sell your products and services online even while you sleep!

In fact, I want you to be as confident in this course as I am, so I'm going to make you a promise...

You'll Have A Website That Works In 60 Days Or Less, Or I'll Give You All Your Money Back

W101-guaranteeI want to make this decision as easy as possible, so I'm going to make it 100% risk-free for you to try Website 101 by protecting your investment with my generous 60-day money back guarantee.

If you sign up for this comprehensive, easy-to-use training course, and you follow all of my step-by-tiny-step instructions, and you don't have a working website within 60 days...

... Just let me know and I'll send you a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked.

All you have to do to get started is take a risk-free "test drive" of Website 101 to see for yourself that you really can create and have total control over your website...

... and it's easier... and more affordable... than you ever thought possible.

  • Aidan Duffy -
    Jon recommended that I use Facebook for my lead generation, but my first test campaign had zero post likes, 5 clicks to website, and no sign-ups. After Jon gave a few pointers on the setup my new campaign returned 166 page likes, 121 post likes, 384 clicks, and 83 confirmed sign-ups
    Aidan Duffy -

Get started RIGHT NOW by choosing the option that works best for you

Make The Risk-Free Investment In Your Business Today

Don't fall victim to the one-size-fits-all website creation approaches or the marketers who will bleed you dry before you ever discover how to make your website grow your business.

Simply sign up for Website 101 Course and see for yourself how easy (and profitable) it can be to create your own website that generates leads and sales on autopilot.

Register today to get INSTANT ACCESS to the entire 35-lesson course online.

If you love it – which I'm sure you will – great! You'll have a fully functioning, profit-pulling website that you're in complete control of.

And if not, no worries. We'll still be friends. Simply let me know within the first 90 days for a full 100% refund.

Fair enough?

Click on the link below to get started immediately!


I look forward to helping you create your website!

To your success,



Jon Butt

  • Sebastian de Romijn -
    I read every single one of Jon’s emails, the links and blogs. It has helped me tremendously to acquire a broader understanding of marketing for my business. I am getting more traction by applying his well thought tips and tricks. I would strongly advice any business owner to read his material
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